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Many people feel unsafe knowing how public their personal information is. The presence on the Internet feels uneasy, knowing that corporations possessing our personal data have the resources to read us as a group. It's even creepier to realize, those who collect our data are able to read us on a personal level.
Meanwhile, we are educated about different levels of biological life. Documentaries often tell us about animals and their routine. We are especially eager to learn about their personal qualities, their emotions, and the ways they express them. We abstractly realize that bacteria are also living creatures, though this understanding does not let us see them as fully developed individuals. We look at them as a mass.

Imagine a small dark room built in the middle of a larger space. Inside a small room, a viewer is introduced to a microscope. They are welcomed to approach it and look at various bacteria. At the same time, the rest of the viewers, as they are waiting for their turn to enter the room, spy on the viewer through multiple holes in walls.
I was curious if those inside the small room will comment on the bacteria's behaviour, as well as those from the outside will talk about the visitors of the room.
By building this experiment I aimed to talk about hypocrisy. Or, in other words, the human instinct to watch and discuss others, while not wanting to be the subject of research and discussion themselves.
In my bio I have mentioned how dystopian literature such as "We" by Y. Zamyatin, "Lord of the Flies" by W. Golding had an effect on my teenage ideas. These books depicted behaviours of an individual or a community in the age of technological progress in conditions of a totalitarian control. These detailed descriptions made me think about social problems and its behavioural patterns under extreme conditions. I started to think about motivation behind an individual's actions, within the system of rules, dictated by a society.
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